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Digital transformations at Al Jeri deliver enhanced customer experience

Aljeri has embarked upon its digital transformation journey to become an agile, efficient, and productive organization meeting the challenges of modern day customers’ needs and aggressive business strategic roadmap. TARABOT means “together” is the name of Aljeri Digital Transformation Program. Aljeri group has taken a unique approach of dividing the program into two major phases “Readiness” and “Execution” During the readiness stage, the team has identified more than 10 major IT projects. Some of these projects have been completed and some are in progress at various stages of project lifecycle. The landmark project is the implementation of new ERP and Transport management system.

In terms of digital execution, Cloud and SMACTP (Social, Mobile, Analytics, cloud, IoT and Platforms) are the pillars of digital transformation. Aljeri has chosen the Oracle Fusion Suite of ERP including Finance, HR, Supply Chain, Maintenance, Digital Customer Experience and Configure Price and quote (CPQ) modules.

Integration to IoT (Internet of Things) is the key components of the digital transformation. This implementation is being done across all the group companies to build uniform applications to leverage uniform processes and the scale to optimize IT costs. As part of our IT strategic roadmap, we have also initiated several Infrastructure projects as well so that we can build a high available, secure, stable, resilient, and optimized IT services aiming to help business achieve their objectives.

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