Giving back where it matters most

At Al Jeri, we believe strongly that corporations benefit directly from, and as such have an ethical duty towards, both our environment and society. In abiding by our core values, we are compelled to fulfill said ethical duties. We work with our partners, contractors, and suppliers to advise them of, and ensure compliance with our social and environmental CSR practices

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Community Investments

Al Jeri believes in investing in our host communities, as they invest in us. We aim to contribute to their quality of life by providing opportunities and supporting local programs in health, education, and social services; respecting their tradions and customs in any civic or cultural project we take part in. Industrialisation has been the single greatest force against poverty in human history, and we feel that it is only right to share the fruits of industrial labour. Our efforts in this space centre around building independence and resilience in local communities by supporting local industries, lowering the barrier to entry to the market for them, and providing resources and council on the virtues of renewable energy.

Environmental Stewardship

As powerful as global industry has been for generating value, for too long has it been at the cost of our environment. Further industrial activity must be achieved while minimally impacting the climate.

In alignment with Saudi Arabia’s goal for achieving net zero in 2060 Al Jeri is investing in several future oriented technologies: solar energy, green and blue hydrogen, expanded recycling and circular economics, and electric vehicle charging stations. More on our extensive sustainability practices may be found at our Social Impact page.

Diversity and Inclusion

A great source of strength at Al Jeri is our multinational workforce, delivering highly diverse insights and methodologies which can only be realized through cultural cross polination across generations and social strata. This is compounded by our high rate of ‘Saudization,’ with a particular focus on the hiring of female Saudis, in line with the Kingdom’s vision for 2030. We work hard to make sure that all voices within our companies feel as though they can be heard and their concerns addressed, be they: ethnic or religious minorities, male or female, young or old, or requiring of special needs.

A trusted name in strategic investment with an eye for sustainability, Al Jeri Investment showcases a diverse portfolio focused on delivering value in key areas.