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Privacy Policy

The following policy outlines what information we collect, and how that information may be used internally.

What is Collected?

Users of Al Jeri websites/mobile apps should recognize that non-personal information is routinely and automatically collected in the ordinary operation of Company servers and through ‘cookies.’ Cookies are small text files that websites use to recognize returning users and their web/mobile apps traffic. Cookies are entirely safe for your computer, as they have no access to files outside of the directory in which they are saved by the user’s web browser. As such they cannot be used to attack your system or cause loss of data. Although the Company uses its cookies to deliver an enhanced user experience, it cannot control the use of said cookies by third parties.

Internally, the Company collects information regarding: the source of web/Apps traffic, including approximate geographic location; how much use each of the Company’s webpages see, including which features are most or least used; device and browser information, including resolution, operating system, manufacturer, and web/app browser version. This information is used in internal review to develop improvements to Company services, serve appropriate content for the user given their method of accessing Company services, troubleshooting, collecting broad demographic data, and saving state for a user (for example, remembering the state that a user has clicked a ‘do not show me again’ banner is saved via cookie.)

Disclosure of Information

The Company does not sell, trade, offer for rent, or otherwise commodify the information gathered through the means disclosed above. No information is gathered by means other than those disclosed above, nor is said information used in a manner other than as disclosed above.

The Company may share server logs and aggregated information, scrubbed of identifying information with third parties who perform industrial analysis, and for demographic profiling such that products and services are appropriately advertised.

The Company cooperates with the government, law enforcement, and private organizations to ensure compliance with the law. The Company discloses any information recorded to law enforcement, the government, or private organizations as is necessary, in the Company’s sole discretion, in response to legal claims and processes such as subponeas. This is done to protect the property and rights of the Company or third party, or to protect the safety of the public or any person, or in order to halt or prevent activity which is considered to be, or pose a risk of being, an illegal, unethical, or legally actionable activity.


Any information which the Company collects, such as IP based Geo-location data, is securely stored on servers protected by industry standard cybersecurity tools such as SSL, firewalls, data encryption and obfuscated routing. Although the Company takes commercially reasonable steps to ensure security, no system is entirely impenetrable. As such, no guarantee is made regarding the security of the Company’s servers, nor that any data intended for them will arrive unintercepted or unmonitored by malicious actors. With this in mind, the Company suggests to users that any information transmitted is done so at the users own risk.