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45degrees Cafe and Drive-thru

Exacting standards, for quality in a timely fashion

Aiming to become the instinctive choice for coffee in the region, 45degrees Cafe leans on our well trained baristas and highly selective sourcing process for coffee beans. Quality beans deserve quality treatment, and our roasting technology does justice to our South American and African beans in preserving their character and aroma, delivering a flavourful experience every time, guaranteed. Building on our flagship cafe and 6 drive-thrus in Riyadh, 45degrees is poised to operate over 100 drive-thrus cafes in Saudi Arabia by 2024.

A perennially productive part of the economy

The food and beverage sector is highly robust. As evidenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, even when other sectors experienced difficulty, food remained a top priority, considered even to be an essential service. Partaking in this consistent and reliable commercial sector, Al Jeri focuses on convenience for the consumer, with upscale sit-down as well as Drive-thru cafes.

We’ve got what you need, while out and about

Keen to provide high quality goods to meet the needs of long haul travellers and people on the go, Jmart aims to offer customers a top quality and consistent shopping experience across all branches, aiming to have over 100 stores in 2025.