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Shaheen Rent a Car

The vehicle you want, when you want

With a diverse fleet of vehicles ranging from unassuming economy cars, to iconic luxury vehicles, Shaheen rent a car works with our clients to hire out precisely the car which best fits their use case. Currently operating two outlets in Riyadh, Shaheen Rent a Car is at present focused on developing a modern, end-to-end platform. Shaheen rent a car will soon after expand its presence across the country, opening outlets in Jeddah and Dammam.

Providing for our customers the freedom of movement

The automotive segment of Al Jeri Investment deals with both mobility services through our car rental company, and the servicing and maintenance of motor vehicles in partnership with Bosch. Integration within this segment

 as well of this segment with others in our portfolio is an area where we see great potential for innovative digital technologies to enhance operation efficiency and provide a seamless customer experience.


Getting back on the road, without delay

In co-operation with Bosch, Jeri Car Services operate fully featured automotive service centers and garages, many of which work in tandem with the petrol stations under Al Jeri Petroleum and Transport Services Company. In line with Bosch global car service standards, the experienced technicians at Jcs-Bosch offer comprehensive care, ensuring that any vehicles are inspected from bumper to bumper, and everything in between.