Al Jeri Energy, a leading supplier of energy solutions in KSA

An affiliate of Al Jeri Investment Group, Al Jeri Energy is a leading energy solutions provider specializing in sustainable, conventional and off grid energy products.100% Saudi-owned, Al Jeri Energy provides cost-effective and reliable energy solutions as well as project consultancy, operation, and maintenance services. Al Jeri Energy is aiming to meet and fulfill power demands […]

45degrees expands presence, Drive Thru Cafés now open

45degrees started its operations 2021 by opening up its first flagship café in Riyadh Ghadeer district on Olaya Street. In line with its expansion strategy, 45degrees has opened up 4 Drive Thru café in Riyadh at various strategic locations of J:Oil petrol stations and aiming to reach 100 Drive Thru café’ by end of 2024. […]

Al Jeri partners with Bosch, raising the bar for auto service in KSA

Jeri Bosch Car Service is a joint venture between Al Jeri Group’s Jeri Car Service-JCS & Bosch in KSA. Under the name JCS Bosch Car Service it has started its operations in September, 2022 opening its first branch in Riyadh. JCS Bosch has currently 5 operational branches across Riyadh & Jeddah and will be expanding […]

J:Oil Petrol Stations now accept credit card payments

In an effort to further facilitate ease of transaction and provide its customers a unique experience, J:Oil. J:Oil petrol station e-payment system is now credit card enabled. J:Oil customers can now make their fuel payment thru credit cards. J:Oil is one of the leading petrol station company having wider network of 165 petrol stations across […]

Al Jeri Car Carrier opens 3rd branch in Al Qurayat city

Having its branches in Riaydh and Dammam, Al Jeri Car Carrier has opened up its 3rd branch in Al Qurayat near the border crossing into Jordan and Syria. Al Qurayat branch will facilitate our customers’ traveling to and from Jordan, Syria and norther areas of KSA. In line with Al Jeri Car Carrier strategic business […]

Shaheen Rent-A-Car expands to better serve its customers

Shaheen Rent-A-Car – RAC is one of the fastest growing business of Al Jeri Investment. Shaheen RAC has 3 branches in Riyadh and expected open new branches in main cities of KSA to meet the growing demand by its customers. It has a fleet of over 300 cars which could reach 1000 cars by end […]

Al Jeri Transport adds 50 Mercedes Benz trucks to fleet

Al Jeri transport company has added 50 new Mercedes benz trucks to its fleet of 750 trucks and 3000 trailers. Al Jeri transport has constantly maintained stringent quality and operational standards in order to serve its customers and consumers. Keeping its fleet in an excellent working condition is one key factor in order to meet […]

Digital transformations at Al Jeri deliver enhanced customer experience

Aljeri has embarked upon its digital transformation journey to become an agile, efficient, and productive organization meeting the challenges of modern day customers’ needs and aggressive business strategic roadmap. TARABOT means “together” is the name of Aljeri Digital Transformation Program. Aljeri group has taken a unique approach of dividing the program into two major phases […]